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Consultancy Services from IJYI

At IJYI provide a range of consultancy services ranging from DevOps Consulting, Digital Transformation , Data Strategy and Inception Workshops.

IJYI’s approach to consultancy is grounded in collaboration.  Our highly skilled team has a wide range of technical capabilities and we are recognised as Microsoft Gold Partners for DevOps and Application Development.

As part of our core commitment to driving customer success we utilise agile processes, tools and automation. This agile way of working ensures a repeatable and resilient delivery process that facilitates continuous delivery.

“IJYI has helped the Society create one of the key foundations for its digital transformation. Their experience, collaboration and delivery approach has enabled us to implement a scalable business intelligence solution which is secure, visually engaging and flexible enough to accommodate our long term digital aspirations.” Jim Overy, Head of IT & Change, Ipswich Building Society – Read the case study

Our Clients

DevOps Consulting 

IJYI DevOps Consulting services can give teams greater control over delivery, greater visibility of test coverage – with the ability to automate both code and UI tests – and trace information from production environments, to allow developers to reproduce issues and improve “time to fix”. With the deployment of a release management process, stakeholders will also have greater control of when and where code is deployed with authorisation stages built in to a deployment flow –  Find out more


Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation is about integrating new technology into your business to fundamentally change how you operate. At IJYI we will start with a 2-day inception workshop to drill down on the ideology, the problem which needs to be solved, or the outcome that needs to be created.  This workshop helps ensure that there is a shared understanding across all key stakeholders and members of the team – Find out more


Inception Workshops

Inception Workshops are commonly used at the start of complex software development projects with multiple stakeholders. These types of projects benefit hugely from an Inception Workshop at the beginning because it ensures that there is a shared understanding across all members of the project team – Find out more



Product Design Sprints

Product design sprints are the perfect way to move forward with an idea or concept. It will help your team to truly promote innovation. Within one week you can have the data, analysis and prototypes you need to help you make an informed decision about the next steps for your project – Find out more