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IR35 Legislation Changes

With private sector IR35 reforms taking place in April 2021medium-to-large private sector organisations take responsibility for determining if contractors should be taxed as permanent employees (inside IR35) or off-payroll workers (outside IR35). This may result in additional administration costs, including the organisation being liable for the correct income tax and national insurance contributions if HMRC fails to collect these from the payer.

IT contractors have formed a significant part of the workforce in many large organisations but the impending changes will put significant pressure on those organisations to move away from this employment model.

If an alternative is required, IJYI can provide a managed delivery team of varying disciplines including development, quality assurance and business analysis with support from architecture and project management to assist with delivery of key components and features within their product set.

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IJYI have developed Delivery-Team-as-a-Service to support this critical business challenge. Our delivery capability and service goes beyond traditional software delivery, focusing on quality throughout the life cycle with a pragmatic use of the latest technologies, tools and frameworks keeping us at the forefront of software engineering.

In addition our service allows you to adjust the skills you use based on dynamic requirements. This coupled with our existing understanding of your business could help to alleviate this risk and support the delivery of your development road map.

How Delivery-Team-As-A-Service Works

Agile by default 

Your nominated product-owner will be able to join daily “stand-up” calls with the delivery team to understand what’s being worked on and use your subject matter expertise to assist where needed.

A sprint demo happens every two weeks to any stakeholders within your business to showcase what’s been delivered and promote awareness for the new product throughout your organisation.

You’ll be able to see the software take shape and influence its feature set.

Project Management & Reporting

A small amount of time is assigned for an IJYI Project Manager to ensure that your project remains suitably resourced while on schedule and within budget, monitoring milestones and any key risks.

You will receive a weekly status report detailing budget and schedule status, milestones, risks and issues, as well as a commentary on how the project delivery is looking.


You’re able to scale the team as needed. Example SLAs for this are as follows:

Additional Developer: 2 – 4 Weeks Notice

Stand Down Any Member: 4 Weeks Notice