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Legacy Dataset Headache?

Many traditional Building Societies run many of their tech operations on legacy systems and software. This can throw up a range of business challenges from regulation and compliance issues to maintenance and useability.

IJYI has significant experience in the financial services sector, specifically within Building Societies. We truly understand the environment which you are working in, it’s barriers and it’s opportunities.

We recently recorded a podcast with the our client, Ipswich Building Society to discuss driving digital transformation within IBS and how this is enabling them to improve customer experience.

Software Delivery & Digital Transformation with Ipswich Building Society

Jim Overy, Head of IT and Change at Ipswich Building Society joined us on a podcast to talk about driving digital transformation within the building society and how this is enabling them to improve customer experience.

Listen to the podcast

Our Clients

Why digital transformation?

  • Is your data stored on multiple legacy systems?
  • Are your reports not as accurate as you would like?
  • Does key-person dependency give you a cause for concern?

A lot of building societies are finding multiple issues with utilising their data due to much of their technological infrastructure being built upon legacy systems.

IJYI utilise Delivery-Team-as-a-Service to support these critical business challenges. Our team looks to find a bespoke tailored approach to solving these issues whilst causing limited disruption to operations and providing a key platform to your digital transformation goals.

How do we work?

A project will often start with a 2-day discovery workshop to drill down on the problem which needs to be solved and ensure that there is a shared understanding across all members of the project team.

An IJYI SCRUM team will then be assembled, usually comprising a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Software Developers, Testers, UX Designers.

All of our projects are run using Agile processes, working collaboratively from requirement gathering through to build, test and deployment.

Projects are run in short sprint cycles and customers are involved in every stage, usually joining the regular team stand-ups.