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Creating a Bug

If a defect is encountered, a bug must be raised (via TFS or MTM) and linked to the governing PBI as a “Related Link” or “Child Item”. Where possible, screenshots of the defect must be captured and included in the bug’s description. Detailed notes describing the steps to reproduce the defect must also be added to the bug, to aid the implementation of a fix. All defects will be logged with a severity value. These are defined as follows:

Classification Description
S1 Critical Defect affects critical data or functionality, with a widespread impact on the application as a whole e.g. total failure of the application
S2 Major Defect affects major data or functionality, with a complex or no work-around
S3 High Defect affects several areas of minor data or functionality, with a viable work-around, but severely impacts user experience
S4 Medium Defect affects auxiliary data or functionality, with a viable work-around
S5 Minor Cosmetic or trivial impact on data or functionality