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IJYI’s Data Catalogue has been designed to bring clarity to the data transformation process.

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Today’s complex digitally-led organisations draw on a diverse range of data sources to power processes, applications and mission-critical business intelligence.

These data sources may originate from a wide variety of devices, services and systems. In fact, many organisations don’t fully understand how many data sources they have in total, their level of complexity, the data sets within them or how to make use of them as part of a data or business intelligence project.

This problem often only comes to light when organisations embark upon data/knowledge driven projects, when classifying and integrating data sources can become costly and time-consuming. 

Getting data from each source into the correct format is key. In addition, understanding just how much data transformation is required from each source is crucial to the cost-effective and efficient delivery of data-centric technology projects – without it, organisations can easily experience delays, overspend or poor outcomes.

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Data Catalogue

IJYI’s Data Catalogue has been designed to bring clarity to the data transformation process. From data that requires minimal or no transformation to sources with the most complex relationships and formats, we provide a simple classification model at a fixed price. An example of the Data Catalogue is shown below; at each level a series of criteria in knowledge is used to classify data sources and data sets.

Its inherent flexibility allows customers to allocate budgets according to need, with the ability to add further elements as necessary. The result? IJYI customers can optimise their data sources to deliver maximum value and impact in their software development projects.

“Access to data has been one of the biggest barriers to becoming a data-enabled organisation, with much of our valuable data being locked away in source systems. With the creation of trusted analytically ready datasets, IJYI is accelerating our data strategy and allowing us to gain new insights to increase operational efficiencies.”

- Jenny Brooker, Chief Data Architect, Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
Data Calalogue Usage Example

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