About IJYI

IJYI was born in 2014, when industry experts Chris Pont and John Nicholson came together with the joint vision to improve software delivery processes and outcomes for organisations across the UK and beyond.

Since 2014 IJYI has grown rapidly and expanded their services portfolio to include software delivery, DevOps consultancy, cloud consultancy and their five day product design sprints.

IJYI employs a dedicated, talented and creative team of Developers, Quality Analysts, Project Managers, Architects, Trainers, DevOps consultants, Business Analysts and Agile Coaches who all work hard to help clients achieve the best possible outcomes for a range of complex IT projects.

Chris Pont

Co-Founder and CEO

Chris has been obsessed with problem solving and delivering solutions from a young age. He has an extensive background in IT consultancy for Aviva, Willis Group, BT, SEGA and British Gas, with a focus on technology and process to deliver customer value.

In 2014, Chris co-founded IJYI alongside John Nicholson to combine their passion for software delivery and their expertise for tooling, process and culture. IJYI has grown to an extensive team of Project Managers, Solution Architects, Developers, Quality Engineers and Support Analysts, with clients based across the UK.

John Nicholson

Co-Founder and CTO

Responsible for the Technology strategy within IJYI, John is an evangelist for the adoption of DevOps, specifically how best to apply the tools we have at hand to improve delivery. Having worked within software development for the past 20 years, he brings a wealth of experience, technical expertise and passion both for technology and to see the next generation of developers flourish.

To further these goals he has recently undertaken taken PhD research at the University of Suffolk in to the field of Computer Science and Informatics, specifically looking at the further of application and testing within the enterprise.

Our partners

IJYI’s mission

We strive to work in creative collaboration with our customers to deliver high quality solutions, processes and teams.

As part of our core commitment to driving customer success we utilise agile processes, tools and automation. This agile way of working ensures a repeatable and resilient delivery process that facilitates continuous delivery.


We recognise the importance of building strong relationships within our teams and with our clients. When working with us, we encourage our clients to be involved in project stand-ups, share development tools and engage in the softer side of development such as our release and delivery celebrations.


We believe you should have complete visibility of your project. If something is not going to plan, or if we can see a challenge arising, we will raise it. This approach ensures we can work together to address any challenges that we face and determine a plan to fix it. Our approach leads to developing better solutions and building a stronger partnership.


We ensure that the team on each project has the skills and experience to meet your needs. As Microsoft Gold Partners for application development and DevOps, we apply our industry leading capabilities to develop, deploy and support your solutions with repeatable, reliable and resilient processes.

The Value of Technology

We believe that technology is an enabler to modern business, promoting innovation, driving efficiency and underpinning your service offerings. It’s paramount that software projects deliver high quality business focussed solutions on time and on budget.