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As public sector IT strategy is becoming more ambitious, organisations need a delivery partner that can deliver innovative digital services.

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Public sector organisations are under enormous pressure to deliver digitally transformed services that more effectively meet the needs of citizens up and down the country. Despite the huge levels of innovation seen in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, many key areas of infrastructure remain dependent on legacy infrastructure, while the huge potential of automation to significantly enhance service delivery is largely unrealised.

Today, however, public sector IT strategy is becoming more ambitious, empowered by the experience of meeting a national public health crisis. As a result, there is an opportunity to further accelerate the pace of change to deliver innovative digital services that are fit for the 21st century’s connected society.

IJYI has developed and deployed a wide range of bespoke software and data analytics solutions across public sector organisations. Our work with the likes of Suffolk County Council has delivered ground-breaking, innovative technologies that have helped transform the way key services are delivered to the community.

Our experience of utilising technology to improve outcomes in the public sector makes us the ideal partner for organisations focused on innovation and agile service delivery.


“We’re so happy with the outcome of the project with IJYI.

IJYI have utilised technology to provide us with a solution which gives Educational Psychologists an effective way of gathering information and delivering effective virtual consultations.”

Claire Darwin Psychology and Therapeutic Service Lead Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council and IJYI Work Together to Help Children & Young People Across the Country Through Cloud Technology

Suffolk County Council were embarking on a complex project with multiple stakeholders. They required a partner who would be able to successfully deliver a modern software as a service platform. The breadth of experience within the team and IJYI’s adaptable, Agile approach combined with Suffolk County Council’s commitment to Agile working practices has meant that the two organisations continue to work successfully together.

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