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Whether you need assistance with designing and implementing a software solution or require ongoing maintenance and support, we've got you covered. Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering high-quality services that help you achieve your business objectives.

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IJYI provides a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy services, ranging from DevOps Consulting and Digital Transformation to Data Strategy and Inception Workshops. Our approach is grounded in collaboration, and our highly skilled team blends experience with technical capabilities to drive customer success.

We utilise agile processes, tools and automation to ensure a repeatable and resilient consultancy process that facilitates continuous delivery, and as Microsoft Gold Partners for DevOps and Application Development, we are ideally placed to guide clients so their technology strategy delivers maximum impact and value.


DevOps Consulting 

IJYI DevOps Consulting services gives teams greater control over the delivery, greater visibility of test coverage – with the ability to automate both code and UI tests – and trace information from production environments, to allow developers to reproduce issues and improve “time to fix”.

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Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation is about integrating new technology into your business to fundamentally improve how you operate. IJYI enables clients to identify transformation opportunities with a highly collaborative planning and design process that focuses on outcomes. Known as ‘Inception Workshops’, these have helped clients across the private and public sectors to turn high level transformation objectives into deliverable technology tools and services.

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Delivery Team as a Service

IJYI’s ‘Delivery-Team-as-a-Service’ offers on-demand software delivery with a focus on quality throughout the life cycle, coupled with a pragmatic use of the latest technologies, tools and frameworks that keeps us at the forefront of software engineering.

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Inception Workshops

Inception Workshops are commonly used at the start of complex software development projects, bringing technical and non-technical stakeholders together to define opportunities and goals. Client projects benefit hugely from building a shared understanding of objectives, priorities and deliverables across all members of the project team.

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Product Design Sprints

Product design sprints are the perfect way for teams to build practical momentum behind a technology-based idea or concept. By focusing on innovation, IJYI helps clients to quickly gather the data, analysis and prototypes required to make informed decisions about the next steps on their technology journey.

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Data Catalogue

IJYI’s Data Catalogue has been designed to bring clarity to the data transformation process. From data that requires minimal or no transformation to sources with the most complex relationships and formats, we provide a simple classification model at a fixed price. 

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