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We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. We believe that anything we implement in our designs should be there for a reason; an enabler to help other business processes to take place.

IJYI have consultants with a deep understanding of technology which enables them to make recommendations which are relevant, meet the goals for the project and which won’t be a stumbling block for further enhancements or modifications.

Our partnerships with both AWS and Microsoft Azure allow us to make use of technical expertise to use the best platform for the solution or even deploy hybrid or fully on-premise.

We make use of the Microsoft.NET ecosystem to develop resilient, performant and scaleable systems. Using Azure DevOps we’re able to ensure that quality standards are maintained, that code is well tested and easy to deploy. Our developers spend time doing what they do best – writing code, not fixing deployment headaches.

Our in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and continual learning pathways mean that we are always able to use the best and most appropriate technology for the project. We have extensive experience with a range of technologies including Amazon AWS, Azure, Azure DevOps, Docker, Hashicorp, Rackspace, RedHat and Chef.