We’re marking a big milestone on LinkedIn – thank you to everyone who helped us make it to 1,000 followers!

LinkedIn 1000 Followers

We want to thank everyone who likes our page, shares and comments on our content. We appreciate your support and enjoy engaging with you! The increasing number of followers encourages us to keep sharing and creating quality information.

Our LinkedIn page is an important tool which enables us to actively engage with our customers and followers alongside our other channels Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Not a follower yet? Join the conversation and become part of our community at LinkedIn by clicking on this link.

Here are some reasons to follow us on LinkedIn:

  • Be the first to find out about new services and solutions.
  • Get industry insights and technical news from IJYI’s experts.
  • Find out about events, roundtables, and webinars we're hosting
  • Discover our customers' experiences and success stories

If you are one of our many new followers, or not yet a follower, here are some of the most visited content that you may have missed:

  • Series of short videos from Suffolk County Council talking about working with IJYI.  Video 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Our featured article on "Agile" in the Norfolk Director Magazine.
  • Demystifying the buzz words around Power BI in this article

Once again, thank you all very much for helping us reach such a great milestone!

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