Cloud Technology Enables Business to Rapidly Scale Up Remote Working

Remote working

The sudden need for organisations to switch to remote working has had a huge impact on workers across many sectors. We’re lucky in the tech sector that we were, in the main, more prepared than most for this. We recently blogged about how the IJYI team are coping with our new working practices. However, many industries and particularly larger organisations have struggled to pivot to this new way of working as quickly as they would have liked.

The growth in usage of remote working tools over the last few weeks has been staggering:

In recent weeks it has become more apparent than ever that businesses need secure, remote access and the ability to scale quickly when needed. Cloud computing platforms such as Azure allow organisations to benefit from more secure, reliable and flexible computing than with on-premise servers.

Scalability in the cloud
Resources can quickly be scaled up to cope with peak workflow, such as we are seeing right now, and scaled down when demand reduces. Typically you only pay for the service which you use which helps with cost control and budget planning.

Flexibility in the cloud
The flexibility available with cloud computing means that employees can access the services they need from any location at any time. Using any of the cloud collaboration tools mentioned above employees are able to work together almost as if they are in the same location, providing your customers with a seamless service.

Find out how IJYI can help you to scale up your infrastructure to meet this sudden demand for homeworking.

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