IJYI to sponsor Innovate Suffolk 48 Hour Startup event

IJYI are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the upcoming Innovate Suffolk 48 Hour Startup event in May.

This 48 hour startup hackathon will focus on mental health. The aim is to bring together a diverse range of skills and experiences with the aim of creating and developing real-world solutions which can actually make a difference.

“Improving mental health in the workplace is becoming a priority for many organisations and is certainly high up on the agenda at IJYI so we were delighted to be given the opportunity to get involved in this event”

Chris Pont, CEO, IJYI.

The event will take place at the stunning Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre on 24-26th May.

Participants will work together to create, test and refine viable, real-world solutions to improve mental health. At the end of the event the judging panel will select the most promising projects to be further developed, trialled and applied through the support of Innovate Suffolk and its partners.

To help participants get started with thinking about solutions to improve mental health, Innovate Suffolk have created a useful resources section on their website. The event will draw on a framework and resources from the Suffolk Mind Charity which highlights emotional needs and internal resources. Find out more here – https://innovatesuffolk.co.uk/resources/

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