Microsoft special - Data & PowerBI with Microsoft & IJYI


We’re delighted to welcome Paul Henwood, Cloud Solution Architect from Microsoft as our special guest this month. Paul gives us some fascinating insight into all things data and business intelligence and even gives us a little peek into what’s to come from Microsoft in the next few months.

We’re once again joined by our hosts Andrew Walker and Chris Pont with some great audio selfies from IJYI’s CFO Justin Grainger who shares his viewpoint on how PowerBI has enabled IJYI to improve our own decision-making processes. Also, regular podcast listeners will recognise the Voice Of Reason, Alan Jackson, IJYI’s COO who pops by to give us a quick look at how IJYI approaches data projects with our clients:

PowerBI is a fantastic tool but, as with most things in the world of technology, there are lots of buzzwords associated with PowerBI so we thought it would be useful to take a quick run through the key ones in our latest blog – Read more.

As part of our in-depth look into data and PowerBI we recently hosted a webinar with Microsoft where we looked at a range of data topics including:

Microsoft Power Platform – With Special Guest Charlotte Orpen of Microsoft

– Apps for mobile friendly app creation

– Power Automate for automation of menial tasks

– Power BI for data analytics, reporting, and analysis

Data culture A look at how IJYI utilises PowerBI to drive efficiency – Chris Pont, CEO, IJYI

Visualisation, Dashboards and Reports – Demystifying the buzzwords – Charlotte Orpen & Chris Pont

PowerBI Use Case Examples – Chris Pont

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