Not all DevOps are the same 

There are many different definitions of DevOps. We prefer “a culture and practice which unifies your software development and operations.”

Many organisations are now embracing a DevOps way of working. However, not all DevOps is the same. At IJYI we use our own Build for Speed model. Build for Speed by IJYI, is a comprehensive end-to-end DevOps Assessment, Planning and Implementation programme. Using Build for Speed we focus on delivering a step-change towards your business goals, through the application of DevOps best practices and high value technology solutions.

A successful DevOps implementation can:

  • Boost revenue and lower costs
    New products and services are market-ready sooner whilst service costs reduce due to more efficient ways of working.
  • Reduce risk
    A better way of working means your business is more resilient, protecting brand and revenue.
  • Create competitive advantage
    DevOps brings innovation and automation into your business to problem-solve and meet business needs.

Are you ready to Build for Speed?

Our Build for Speed model will enable your software development and operations teams to deliver optimal business value by promoting quality, productivity and collaboration.

Find out more about Build for Speed DevOps consultancy.

Ready to start delivering something amazing?

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