Expert Q&A - How can the public sector accelerate the adoption of digital services

Public Sector

We recently brought together a panel of experts from politics, local authorities and private sector technology specialists, and put a series of key questions to them to understand what the future holds for digital services in the public sector.

It was a fascinating discussion with contributions from the perspective of politics, technology specialists and local authorities. We’ve put together a write-up of some of the key questions and discussion points in an article which you can download here.

Public Sector organisations have seen a huge focus on improving outcomes through technology in recent years through initiatives such as Digital NHS, Smart Councils and the Local Digital Declaration. The last 12 months has thrown up huge additional challenges with the onset of the pandemic. This has seen local authorities and health teams rushing to pull together accurate data and reporting for Covid cases and vaccinations, a rapid move to homeworking for office-based staff and the wider challenges of keeping services running throughout the pandemic.

In a recent webinar we were joined by experts from Suffolk County Council to find out how they have managed these challenges:

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