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The Cost of IT Downtime

IJYI’s software support service keeps your business critical applications functioning and performing.

All businesses rely on software. Whether you’re a manufacturing giant or a small office-based company, an interruption to your software availability can be disastrous which makes contingency planning essential.

Whilst many businesses focus on leveraging off-the shelf SaaS products such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Workday, etc a significant number of organisations still run their own installations or indeed leverage bespoke software products.  Having business critical software applications unavailable for any length of time is damaging to an organisation. This can be measured not only in terms of business lost if customers can’t access goods and services, it is much more far reaching. The negative PR and customer dissatisfaction can be hugely detrimental. Internally, system downtime can affect staff productivity, production and reporting services.

When a platform, software or dashboard outage occurs, it can often be overwhelming and confusing. It’s difficult to know what has caused the interruption and how long it will be until your service is restored. Having a plan in place when this happens will ensure your business can keep critical services running.

Your contingency plan needs to be tailored to your needs, which is why we’ve created our Software Support Service. This step-by-step service enables us to create a comprehensive plan for your business.

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Software Support Services

IJYI’s software support service keeps your business critical applications functioning and performing. Our support team provide proactive service targeting and incident avoidance. Regular engagements with your support consultant means that IJYI have a clear understanding of and input into your business strategy to enable us to truly add value to your contingency plans.

You can choose between 24/7 support or business hours only depending on your specific requirements. SLA’s will be agreed with our support consultant who will confirm response times based on your business priorities.

Software Support Services In Action

When you choose IJYI’s software support service to compliment your business continuity planning you will benefit from:

  • An expert support consultant aligned to your account
  • Support consultants are rotated between support work and projects to maintain skills
  • Option to escalate to an IJYI subject matter expert when required
  • Flexible support packages including 24/7 and business hours only
  • Proactive support – your support consultant will undertake daily/weekly/monthly checks on your software to spot potential issues before they arise
  • Multi-Channel options for raising a support ticket through email and website logging
  • Regular reporting on software services through:
    • Web (PowerBI) Dashboard
    • Scheduled Reports
    • Open/Update/Close Notifications
  • Pre-agreed SLAs tailored to your requirements