A Day in the IJYI Life of Gemma Ingham – Project Manager

In the first of a regular series of profile blogs, we talk to Gemma Ingham about her role as a Project Manager and what it’s like to be part of the IJYI team.


Tell us about your role – what does it involve?

My role is varied, interesting and challenging. On a typical day, I can be involved in everything from client meetings and project status sessions to sprint planning, resource and budget management and support check-ins, among many other tasks.


How does project management at IJYI work?

We operate a variety of tried and tested processes to ensure client projects run smoothly. These include ‘Stand Up’s’, where I check in with clients and delivery teams to make sure things are on track, discuss blockers and action any items to keep the teams moving. This also includes making sure that the teams are working well together so projects can progress successfully. Communicating proactively with clients is a key part of these meetings.

I keep a close eye on the status of each project. This includes monitoring timesheets and hours to make sure that we are on track and that we are meeting deadlines. My job is also to highlight potential risks and deal with known risks accordingly. Looking at the big picture for each project also helps me see if we need to change priorities, add resources or if things are working well currently.

I’m also responsible for carrying out support check-ins with the service desk manager to discuss tickets and the resource requirements for their team, among a range of other project management activities.


How do you like to work with your team?

An important part of my role is the regular team check-ins, where we discuss how each IJYI stakeholder is doing in their projects and address any concerns or issues they may have. This is also a good time to have a debrief and chat about general IJYI life and life outside IJYI and make sure I’m providing colleagues with the support they need. Part of this is to encourage a healthy work/life balance for them, and as we work remotely, these ‘coffee catch-ups’ are really important.


Is there anything you do to de-stress at work?

Definitely IJYI Yoga! On yoga days, starting with a refreshing session held by our colleague Lindsay is a great way to focus on wellbeing.


What are your top tips for effective project management?

Be prepared - I’m always ready to re-arrange my to-do list and re-prioritise my work. Also, being mentally ready for anything is one of the most important “tasks” in my day. It’s rare that a project crosses the finish line without a hitch so being prepared for any eventuality is key.


Overall every day in my project management role at IJYI is different. That’s one of the best things and one of the hardest things about the job, and while it can be intense at times, it’s also exciting, rewarding and always interesting.


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