IJYI Unveils a Brand-New Product: Continuous Technical Improvement (CTI) Assessment 

A comprehensive framework to help you improve the quality, business value and level of risk of your systems by assessing their cost efficiency, security & compliance, reliability, performance efficiency and operational excellence.

IJYI, software development, data and support experts, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest product, the Continuous Technical Improvement (CTI) Assessment. This comprehensive framework and service is designed to help you improve the quality, business value and level of risk of your systems by assessing their cost efficiency, security & compliance, reliability, performance efficiency and operational excellence.

The CTI Assessment combines the power of the Cloud Well-Architected Framework with our extensive expertise in solution design and operations. By leveraging these resources, businesses gain valuable insights into their systems and identify areas of potential risk and improvement. With personalised recommendations for maximum return on investment, the CTI Assessment empowers organisations to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.  

Why might a CTI Assessment be valuable to your business? 

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face numerous challenges related to their systems and software infrastructure.  

Our CTI Assessment provides you with valuable insights and solutions to address all the following challenges and more: 

Old legacy software: Many businesses end up relying on aging legacy programs that are no longer supported by the vendor. This situation poses significant risks, as the software may be vulnerable to security threats and lack the necessary updates and patches. Our CTI Assessment identifies these potential risks and provides recommendations on how to mitigate them, ensuring business continuity and reducing potential liabilities.  

High costs from Cloud: hosting applications and services in Azure can come with high price tags if not properly optimised, resulting in some businesses suffering from not being able to manage cloud cost-effectively. By evaluating resource utilisation, suggesting efficient configurations and identifying technical debt (old legacy components no longer used), the CTI Assessment helps businesses achieve significant cost savings while maintaining optimal system performance. 

Inherited applications: In scenarios where a company undergoes changes, such as new ownership or mergers, inherited applications may pose security risks. Our CTI Assessment evaluates the security posture of these applications, identifying potential vulnerabilities and providing actionable practices to enhance security and compliance. This enables businesses to protect sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and safeguard their reputation. 

Unreliable systems and frequent outages: System outages can result in significant financial losses, decreased productivity, and customer dissatisfaction. If your business experiences frequent system outages, our CTI Assessment will uncover the root causes and find measures to improve system reliability and minimise downtime. By implementing the assessment's insights, businesses can enhance their system's robustness and ensure uninterrupted operations. 

In each of these scenarios, our CTI Assessment acts as a guiding compass, helping businesses navigate complex technological challenges and unlock the full potential of their systems.  

A wrap-up of the key benefits: 

- Optimal cloud resource utilisation and cost savings 

- Enhanced system robustness 

- Improved reliability and minimised downtime 

- Strengthened security and compliance adherence 

- Personalised recommendations for maximum return on investment 

Visit our Products page to find out more on our CTI Assessment https://www.ijyi.com/products

How we work: 

At IJYI, we understand that successful software development and digital transformation initiatives require more than just technical expertise. That's why our approach to working with clients is built on a foundation of communication, understanding, and a deep commitment to meeting their requirements.  

When it comes to our CTI Assessment, we bring these principles to the forefront to maximise the potential of your systems. Whether you're a part of an IT team focused on optimising your system's performance or a non-technical professional looking to bring a software-led service to life, we align our efforts with your unique objectives. 

To achieve successful outcomes, we foster a collaborative environment where our clients become integral members of our team. We apply our agile methodology to our way of working and have daily 15-minute stand-up calls to keep clients in the loop on their projects.  

Our clients value the approach we take; they rely on IJYI as a trusted partner to harness the potential of their technology and operations. 

"At IJYI, we are committed to helping businesses unlock the potential of their business through innovative solutions that drive continuous improvement," said Asa Margetts, Chief Technology Officer at IJYI. "With the launch of our CTI Assessment, we are excited to empower businesses to optimise their systems, enhance operational efficiency, and save money, whilst achieving their business goals." Added Chris Pont, Founder and Chairman at IJYI. 

To learn more about how our CTI Assessment can benefit your business, get in touch today for a free 30-minute consultation. 

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