A Day in the IJYI Life of Martin Eley-Kemp – Service Desk Manager

In the Second of our profile blogs, we talk to Martin Eley-Kemp about his role as Service Desk Manager and what it’s like to be part of the IJYI team.

Tell us about your role – what does it involve?

As IJYI’s Service Desk Manager, my primary focuses are my team and ensuring that our customers are happy and that their services are running smoothly. My team and I manage all the support requests that come in and ensure that our customer’s services are up-to-date, stable and as secure as they can be. We also look after our own internal IT infrastructure and services.


IJYI has a flexible and remote working policy - how do you make that work for you?

I probably don’t take advantage of this as much as I could, as I prefer to be in the office fairly often. My role means I need to keep a finger on the pulse and ensure that we react to any situation as it arises. Being in the office helps in that regard. That said, if I have something being delivered at home or have a personal appointment, for instance, I can choose to work from home, which is fantastic.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

For me, the most enjoyable thing is the variety that the job brings. Every day is different, from dealing with incidents to helping deliver small projects, there is no end to what we can get involved in.


How would you describe the company culture at IJYI?

Colourful! We work in such a vibrant and modern way, which is very refreshing. We are encouraged to collaborate, share ideas and show off our skills.


Is there anything you do to de-stress at work?

I like to make a point of changing things up. I’ll look to see if someone can offer a second eye to a problem, see if anyone needs my help, make a cup of coffee, look at the local news or just go for a short walk to clear my head. By taking myself away from things, I can come back with a clear head and focus better.


IJYI is recruiting

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