Book Review - The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth

The price of tomorrow

By David Napier 

Title and Author
The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth

Date of Publication
14th January 2020

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“Is this time different?” Most economists say “no” – we’ve adapted to many technological revolutions before. In contrast, Jeff says “yes”. And thus begins a journey of ideas as he takes the reader on a tour de force, making his case for why that’s so and sharing revelations from his personal relationships with tech industry leaders along the way. To harness the power of technology for good, we need to understand how it is linked to humanity. In a sweeping analysis that draws upon economics, science, innovation, politics, psychology, sociology, and business.

I know very little about economics, but I do enjoy how technology is shaping our economic future. What surprises me the most is that this book is written pre covid which makes Jeff Booth look like a modern day Nostradamus as we see the gulf in wealth grow increasingly during a pandemic. I enjoyed this book a lot, it gave an accessible look into a subject I knew little about. It made me realise the fundamental issues with the modern financial system and how through technology we can shift the paradigm.

Who would benefit most from this book
I would suggest the people most likely to gain from this book are anyone interested in the effect technology can have on our economy in the future.

What I liked the most
I enjoyed how accessible the book was for someone with novice knowledge about the subject. It was thought provoking and had me pausing to think a lot.

What could be improved
It would have been good to have the authors point of view of what more can be done, there was a lot of valuable information without any real thorough conclusion.

Brief Summary
Even though this book was written pre covid it gives excellent insight to why our economy was badly damaged by a pandemic. I enjoyed this book from a technology point of view through to an accessible economics guide, and it gets you thinking how tech can shape economics in the years to come.

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