Did lockdown kick-start digital transformation by stealth?

Digital Transformation

One of IJYI’s latest articles by CEO, Chris Pont, has been featured in ITProPortal.com In his article Chris looks at the growing evidence that lockdown has given digital transformation a kickstart in many businesses.

In our recent research study we discovered that 47% of businesses are not currently thinking about or have established a digital transformation strategy.

98% of respondents said that their technology had enabled them to work effectively during the pandemic. In reality, any business that has enabled staff to work from home in recent months has already started a process of digital transformation – even if they don’t view it as such.

In his article Chris observes that “The organisational and technology issues created by Covid-19 suggest that more businesses should be closely examining their strategic use of technology. Identifying processes and functions where it can bring efficiency and resilience is vital – recent experience has demonstrated that point beyond any doubt.”

Read the article in full here – Did lockdown kick-start digital transformation by stealth?

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