Did you know that as a Microsoft Assurance customer you could benefit from funded consultancy engagements?


How Funded DevOps Planning Services Could Support your DevOps Strategy

It’s clear that as an approach, DevOps is about collaboration. Implementing a DevOps way of working can enable you to reduce wastage, bottlenecks and create a lean, effective process. You’ll be able to take an initial software idea, new feature or a fix from development through your environments in the most efficient process possible.

This means that your software can provide value where it counts – in production! But how can you get there? How can you improve collaboration and processes?

Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services (DTDPS)

One of the best ways to unlock the potential of your process is by starting with a review your company’s DevOps maturity. As a Microsoft Software Assurance customer, you can benefit from funded engagements such as Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services Days, or DTDPS without incurring any cost to kick start the process.

Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits.

These Service Days fund numerous types of engagements that enable IJYI to work collaboratively with you to consider your DevOps strategy and how it would be possible to improve the use of Visual Studio to support this strategy.

Many organisations have DTDPS days that they have accumulated over time but do not take advantage of. They expire and are lost if not used.

As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner for DevOps IJYI can understand the needs of your business, operations and development teams. We can help you to work towards a more efficient process from development through to production.

What DTDPS engagements are available?

  • Visual Studio Team Services Deployment Planning
    Improve team collaboration and development processes. This assessment provides a detailed overview of the steps required for a successful adoption of Visual Studio Team Services.
  • Visual Studio Agile Deployment Assessment
    Time to become more agile? Find out how your team can develop an effective strategy for adopting or improving agility by implementing the Team Foundation Server agile planning tools.
  • Visual Studio Quality Tools Deployment Assessment
    Ready to adopt a modern quality assurance and testing platform? This assessment provides a plan to simplify and streamline your test planning and manual test execution processes by utilising Team Foundation Server with Test Professional.
  • Visual Studio DevOps Deployment Assessment
    Ready to achieve continuous delivery? This assessment provides a plan to develop an effective strategy for improving your ability to respond to your customers quickly and with quality.

Talk to the IJYI DevOps team today to see how you could leverage your DTDPS days.

Ready to start delivering something amazing?

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