New research: Impact of lockdown on business & IT

Covid-19 Business Impact

Half of strategic IT projects delayed as employers prioritise home working

New research commissioned by IJYI has revealed the widespread impact of COVID-19 on UK businesses, their employees and use of technology. It offers fascinating insight into the rapidly changing circumstances which forced half of UK businesses to delay strategic IT projects, with one-in-ten now “considerably behind plan”.

What’s more, nearly half of the research respondents said their organisation was not currently thinking about or has established a digital transformation strategy, despite the key role played by tech in enabling businesses to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Yet, against the backdrop of those and many other challenges, over 90% gave their employer either a four or five star rating for their effective implementation of home working technology. 

So, what was behind that remarkable performance, and what lessons can organisations take from their response to lockdown when looking to the future? The survey report considers those questions alongside other key issues facing businesses during this uniquely challenging period, including:

  • How quickly were organisations able to shift to home working?
  • How did lockdown impact IT spending?
  • What was the impact on employee productivity?
  • Will businesses keep faith in home working in a post-COVID UK?

To learn more, download the full report, ‘Agility in the Face of Lockdown: How UK Businesses Put Faith in Technology to Manage Unique Challenges

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