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Next generation in tech

We decided to change things up a little for our next podcast and take a look at the next generation of coders, how they are taught and what we need to do to encourage more young people and a more diverse group of people into a tech career.

This is a genuinely fascinating discussion, with so much to say we have split this into two episodes. This first episode concentrates on tech education and we will dig deeper into the issues of diversity in tech in the second episode.

We were delighted to be joined by Matthew Applegate of Creative Computing Club. Matthew is an inspiring figure in the world of tech, he works with children from across our region to help them get into coding and tech from an early age and stick with it right through to university and employment.

From the IJYI team we have Julia Hunter, George Markham and Inky Simmons who all took a different route into their careers.

Julia, who also runs local CoderDojos has a lot of experience of working with primary school age children to encourage them to take their first steps into coding.

George recently graduated with an MSc from the University of East Anglia and is the IJYI member of staff with the most recent experience of making their way into a tech career through the education system.

Inky came to IJYI straight from college on an apprenticeship and as a non-binary person has a real insight into what the lack of diversity in the tech sector means for society as whole.

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