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Bespoke software development the IJYI way

At IJYI we don’t normally use the phrase “bespoke software development” we prefer “software delivery”. We believe that organisations need to go beyond software development and aim for software delivery. What the business wants isn’t software development, it wants fully functioning software – delivered. Our focus is 100% on the delivery of software on time and on budget, every time.

We work closely with you to understand how we can transform and drive business effectiveness and provide high quality services to your customers through the innovative use of quality software.

We deliver for our clients

Our in-house team of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Quality Engineers and DevOps Consultants are experts at collaborating with clients and delivering projects on-time and on-budget.

Ready to start delivering something amazing?

Our Clients

We help others to deliver

We provide consultancy as part of our Build For Speed™ Programme to assess an organisation’s delivery team, report findings and instil process, tooling and cultural changes, helping projects to deliver more effectively.

We provide training in delivery best practice

Our team of trainers have both teaching and delivery experience, meaning they’re able to take real-world problems and explain them to delegates with their own expertise. We deliver courses in-house, at client sites and on behalf of Firebrand Training.

IJYI focusses on software delivery excellence

Software delivery is our passion and the very reason that IJYI came into being – to dramatically improve the way software projects are managed and delivered.

According to Pulse of the Profession 2018 (2018) | PMI, just 57% of projects finish within their original budget and only 52% finish within initially specified timeframes. Many organisations are experiencing large-scale project management challenges, which can lead to damaging overspend and missed delivery deadlines.

Our approach to software delivery means that we deliver complex projects on time and on budget – every time.

How do we achieve software delivery success?

Delivering software on time and on budget isn’t just about writing great quality code. Every element of the software development process needs to be implemented successfully, from planning, development and testing, right through to release.

At IJYI we recognise the importance of building strong relationships between our teams and clients. Our clients are given access to our project tracking environments and are able to create work items; add detail, mock-ups and screenshots; and indicate sign-off.

The emphasis of our delivery approach is collaboration, to build valuable partnerships with our customers. Our iterative agile development approach allows requirements to be split into smaller releases. This means that priorities can be easily managed and changed as necessary, allowing you to prioritise features according to your needs.

Our clients are encouraged to be involved in project stand-ups, share development tools and engage in the softer side, such as our release and delivery celebrations.

This makes our clients part of the development team itself, rather than simply spectators.

We have found, through many complex bespoke software development projects, that working in collaboration with our clients in this way delivers the best possible results, meeting client requirements on time and on budget.

The agile delivery method we use allows clients to:

  • Split requirements into smaller releases
  • Easily manage and change priorities as needed
  • Prioritise features according your needs

This delivers:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Optimal return on investment

Although we prefer the use of agile approaches, our non-prescriptive methodology means we can adapt and mix methodologies to suit your environment and requirements.

Whether your solution needs to be built in the cloud or on site, we have the skills and experience to architect, design and build a solution to fit your business needs.

The IJYI team of Developers, Quality Analysts, Project Managers, Architects, Trainers and DevOps Consultants ensures that we have the capability to take your next project from ideation right through to deployment, operation and support. Our talented team builds innovative software solutions for .NET, C#, VB, Java, SQL, iOS and Android.