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Build for Speed™ DevOps consultancy

Build for Speed™ by IJYI, is a comprehensive end-to-end DevOps Consultancy programme comprising; assessment, planning and implementation programme. It enables your software delivery and operations teams to deliver optimal business value by promoting quality, productivity and collaboration.

Using our IJYI Maturity Index we assess your DevOps culture, process and practices against stringent criteria to improve effectiveness and efficiency across your business. By assessing the six core competency areas of discover, develop, test, deploy, operate and collaborate, we establish a joint understanding of areas that will deliver results to support your business. Based on your drivers for success, we produce a road map that is tailored to deliver against these areas.

To ensure success, Build for Speed delivery is tailored to you. Our expert consultants work on-site alongside your teams to evaluate culture, process and tooling across your development and operational teams, providing a pragmatic roadmap that allows you to work towards a true DevOps culture.

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