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What is DevOps Consulting?

Whilst there are many definitions of DevOps, we prefer:

“a culture, practice and tooling which unifies your software delivery and operations.”

When organisations are working in a DevOps environment, they bring the people who are writing code into close alignment with those operations teams who test and manage it. So development and operations come together – DevOps.

DevOps is not just about technology and tooling, although these are important elements. DevOps is essentially about culture. It is a people-centric way of working that ensures continual collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. In teams that have successfully implemented a DevOps culture, everyone should be working towards a common goal rather than working in a silo and focussing only on their specific task within the project.

DevOps methodology uses small, iterative releases rather than large-scale updates every three to six months. This “continuous delivery” model significantly reduces waiting times and ensures businesses can be more responsive.

Automation is used extensively in DevOps environments for tasks such as build, testing, integration, deployment and monitoring. Technology plays a big role in DevOps, but team structure and communication are arguably just as important.

Our DevOps consulting services will enable your teams to focus on a DevOps way of working through people, process and tooling.


Ready to transform how your team delivers software?

Our Clients

What happens when you unify software delivery and operations:

  • Break down barriers between development and operations
  • Speed up delivery
  • Introduce repeatable, reliable and resilient deployment processes
  • Automate deployment
  • Provide fully audited processes
  • Reduce risk

A successful DevOps implementation can:

  • Boost revenue and lower costs – new products and services are market-ready sooner, whilst service costs reduce due to more efficient ways of working.
  • Reduce risk – a better way of working means your business is more resilient, thereby protecting brand and revenue.
  • Create competitive advantage – DevOps brings innovation and automation into your business to problem-solve and meet business needs.

How can IJYI help your organisation with DevOps?

IJYI DevOps Consulting services can give teams greater control over delivery, greater visibility of test coverage – with the ability to automate both code and UI tests – and trace information from production environments, to allow developers to reproduce issues and improve “time to fix”. With the deployment of a release management process, stakeholders will also have greater control of when and where code is deployed with authorisation stages built in to a deployment flow.

IJYI has an in-house development team utilising all of the above best-practices and agile development techniques. An iterative SCRUM process is followed to give clients maximum visibility and control of their project and flexibility to embrace inevitable change. Our Developers and Architects have a wealth of blue-chip enterprise experience working in a variety of development team sizes and environments and have a huge number of Microsoft Certifications in application development