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IJYI Product Design Sprints are the perfect way to put energy and purpose into an idea or concept.

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Collaborative workshops to kick-start your next project 

What is a Product Design Sprint?

Bringing a new software concept, product or service to market is a challenging process, and many projects are hampered by delays, missteps or lack of direction. IJYI Product Design Sprints are the perfect way to put energy and purpose into an idea or concept, helping teams to focus on delivering innovation and results.

In the space of just one week, our product design team works with clients to develop the data, analysis and prototypes required to make informed decisions about the next steps for your software project. And in the longer term, we continue to collaborate with clients to further the development of your solution, using our understanding of your objectives to deliver positive business impact.





Design sprints for established teams

For an established in-house team, engaging with IJYI brings fresh perspectives and the opportunity for truly original thinking, leveraging our experience from a range of industries and approaches. At the end of the five day product design sprint, you will have a working prototype with real-life customer feedback to take to internal stakeholders and investment committees.

Design sprints for startups and new teams

Working with IJYI brings experience and expertise to your team, laying the foundations for startups and new product teams to build and launch their first solution. Clients use Design Sprints to meet a variety of objectives, such as developing a working software prototype to present to potential investors or internal stakeholders. Whatever the motivation, we enable our clients to develop the data, analysis and customer feedback required to take software projects off the drawing board and into development.

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