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Data Strategies for Informed Decision-Making - With Microsoft

We recently ran a webinar with Microsoft looking at:

  • Microsoft Power Platform – With Special Guest Charlotte Orpen of Microsoft
  • A look at how IJYI utilises PowerBI to drive efficiency – Chris Pont, CEO, IJYI
  • Visualisation, Dashboards and Reports – Demystifying the buzzwords – Charlotte Orpen & Chris Pont
  • PowerBI Use Case Examples – Chris Pont

View the full webinar below:




70% of organisations believe their data is not used to it’s fullest extent*

Implementing a coherent Data Strategy enables decision makers to:

  • Remove the challenges of multiple solutions and conquer data both structured and unstructured
  • Reduce the amount of time spent wrangling data and spend more time getting answers
  • Make sense of data and drive confident decisions without relying on specialised skills
*source Microsoft


The IJYI Way Podcast - Microsoft PowerBI Special