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Upcoming events at IJYI

Our events are still going ahead! They will now be run online.

We’re running a series of exclusive events for business owners and decision makers to help explain how bespoke software and cloud technology can drive business profitability by giving your business a competitive advantage.

Executive Roundtable

Next Roundtable Event - 14th May - Online

To encourage open debate and discussion we are limiting the workshop to 12 attendees. The event will be run live via Microsoft Teams.

You’ll finish up with an in-depth knowledge of how you could start looking at building a platform that meets your business process using Agile development techniques as well as an understanding of what “the cloud” is and some of the concepts that support it.

Justin Grainger, our CFO, will then look at various financial incentives and benefits such as quick return on investment, accounting practices with regards to seeing software as an asset, and loans and innovation grants available.

Read about our previous event on this topic.

Contact sales@ijyi.com to find out more.

The Agenda.

  • 1600 Welcome
  • 1615 Presentation
    • The Big Picture – The 4th Industrial Revolution
    • Define bespoke software development, cloud technologies and the Internet of Things
    • Explain the process of considering what and how such technologies might benefit your business
    • Some relevant case studies
    • Financial benefits, ROI, potential local grant support
  • 1730 Q&A

Contact events@ijyi.com to find out more.